How To Change Boot Animation In Android

Change Boot Animation In Android: The best of Android are the great possibilities when it comes to personalization. When it starts, it opens even more options for customization. One of those options is to change your startup animation. Why have the same stock boot animation as everyone else? You can find a wide selection of custom start animations, from simple graphic animations to animations that make your phone feel retro or pay homage to another device such as a Playstation 2.

Android is known for many things, and the flexibility for personalization is at the top of the list. Most people know how to customize Android and that is the main reason why they buy an Android device through any other mobile operating system. People love installing custom launchers, setting up default applications, using animated wallpapers and widgets on their phones. All these customization features are already too much to ask for. But this is not all that Android has to offer. Once your phone is thin, you get the ability to take customization to the next step. To learn more about rooting, read here: How to root your phone with Android. One of the best customization features for rooted Android devices is to change the startup animation. The start animation is the animated logo that you see when your phone is turned on. Usually, it is the manufacturer’s logo with a strange sound effect. But you can easily change the startup animation of your Android device. If you are looking for a way to change the startup animation of your Android device, here are some solutions you should see. Below are several easy and working methods on how to change the startup animation of your Android device.

Change Boot Animation In Android

Before continuing, make sure your device is rooted. Read our article about rooting linked above if you do not know what rooting is or if you want to know how to obtain root permissions on your phone.

Below are the various methods to change the startup animation on your Android device. Follow them carefully to avoid setbacks. Make sure you have a backup of all your data before continuing.

Change Boot Animation With Root Explorer.

Here in this method, you can manually change the startup animation of your Android device using a root file browser. The steps to change the startup animation of your Android device are:

Step 1. Install Root Explorer on your phone from the following link.


Step 2. Then, in the root browser, go to the “System> multimedia” folder and change the name of to something else and save it here as a backup.

Step 3. Download any xda start animation or any website, you can simply search Google for your favorite start animation zip file.

Step 4. Move the downloaded zip file to the “System> multimedia” folder and rename it as

Step 5. Reboot your device to see the new boot animation.

Note: – You can restore your original startup animation at any time by changing the name of the original file as

Once the process is complete, restart your device, where you should now see your new startup animation. Remember that at the first start you may have technical problems or a slow start, but once the system starts once, you must return to your default boot speed.

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