How To Clear App Cache or Data On Android

The application cache stores application elements or websites, so they can be loaded quickly when you use them next. In applications such as Google Maps or Chrome, this cached data can actually begin to consume in the storage available on the device.

Each Android smartphone has an application manager that you can access through the configuration menu. Generally, it is on the top level somewhere, although it can vary a bit by phone. But once you do, you are at the heart of the matter. This is where you can see all the applications installed on your phone or tablet. And it’s a useful place to clean things up a bit if they do not work well. This is what happens:

The application data refers to both the cache memory and other pieces of information stored, such as your login and preferences settings within the application. Therefore, if you want to clear space or simply restore the default settings of an application (as if you had just installed it), here is how to do it:

Clear App Cache or Data On Android

As you use applications, they start storing files for later reference. These files are stored in a “cache” application. For example: when you use the Android Central application, it will save images and other pieces of the stories that you have read so that they do not have to be downloaded every time the application needs them. This saves you time and data.

But you may want to erase the cached data of an application, either to recover a used space or to try to fix an application that does not work. This is where you can do it. Just touch the application and then touch the “Clear cache” button. You will find that on the application page in the application manager if your phone has Android 7 or earlier versions, and if your phone runs Android Oreo, you will find it in Storage on the application manager page. If you are not sure, check both places and you will find it.

The next time you use the application, you will download everything you need from the Internet as you did the first time you used it. When you erase the cached data, other data, such as logins or saved games, are not deleted.

Often, this fixes things, especially when an application pulls its content from a website that always changes and adds more content. If this does not work, advance to the next step.

Clear app data — or resetting an app

The elimination of data from the application is a bit more drastic. You are cleaning the cache, but also erasing all the settings that go along with that application. Basically, you are starting that application from scratch, and it will behave as it did the first time you installed it. This is generally a kind of thing of last resort. If you delete the application data in, for example, the Facebook application, you must log in again. If you delete the data in a game that you have been playing, you will return to the beginning, as if you had never done so. I played it (and hopefully that game properly keeps its place in the cloud).

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Then open the application, log in or do anything else you need to start using it. If there is no “old” data in place, either in the stored configuration or in the cache, you are basically running the application for the first time. See if your problem is solved and, if so, you are satisfied.

A good thing to do if this solves any weirdness with an application is for the developer to know. It is very difficult to track versions and data conversion and everything else about creating and publishing a great application and will appreciate the information if you find an error that affects everyone.

When to clear cache or data …

So, when should I clear an application’s cache manually? It is likely that you never need it. But if an application starts to “feel” inactive or begins to behave badly, this is where it would begin. Clear the cache

And if an application really goes crazy, or if you just want to start from scratch, you can do everything and erase your data and start over from the beginning. Simply touch the “delete data” button. You will receive a warning asking if that is really what you want to do. Confirm that and you have restored the application to be scratched.

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