How To Delete Browsing History On Android Device

Hello Friends Delete Browsing History On Android Device may seem like a very simple task. However, things will become very irritating if the story is not noticed and stacked. This happens because a large amount of navigation data can hamper the performance of the device. Your device may face frequent and disruptive technical problems, since browsing history data takes up a lot of space in Android’s internal storage. In addition, records indicate that hackers often use this data from historical files to invade Android devices. Therefore, it is always safe to continue cleaning your browsing history at frequent intervals. Although this is a very easy process, people may have questions about how to erase the history in Android and that is nothing to worry about. If you also have questions about how to delete the history on Android, this is the perfect article for you.

The availability of the Internet on the smartphone has made our lives easier than before. We can access the Internet when we are in movement. However, just like our computer’s web browser, the Android phone’s browser also maintains a list of the sites we open or visit. It makes it easier to visit some important sites, but it can also create an embarrassing situation at the same time. For example, you do not want others to see your browsing history, or if you want to sell your old Android device, in those cases, knowing how to erase the history on Android is very important.

Delete Browsing History On Android Device

Whatever your reasons for wanting to Delete Browsing History On Android Device, privacy is important for almost everyone. In case there comes a time when you feel you should cover your tracks, we want to make sure you know exactly how to do it.

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If you accidentally deleted the photos on your Android and want to recover them, then visit the link. The steps to recover photos on Android are given there.

Steps to delete history on android

  1. First, the Internet browser must be launched. You must delete the history in Android through the configuration of the application.
  2. Touch the Menu button. You can touch the browser menu button in the upper right corner or touch the Menu button on your device.
  3. Touch Settings It will bring a new window with the browser settings.
  4. On that screen, you must touch Privacy. It will show the privacy management options.
  5. The last step is to touch “Clear history”, which will erase the entire address of the stored website you visited. Touch “Delete all cookie data” if you also want to delete cookies.

Clear history from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Start the Firefox browser on your Android device.
  2. Touch the Menu button, which is in the upper right corner and is represented by three boxes vertically.
  3. Touch Settings to bring up the Firefox browser settings screen.
  4. Touch Privacy. It will show a new screen with privacy management options.
  5. You must select “Delete private data”. It will show you a checklist with different types of items, and that can be deleted. Make sure you are checking “Browsing history and download.” After checking the required check boxes, touch “Clear data”.

How to delete browsing history on android chrome

  1. Start the Chrome browser on your Android phone. Also for Google Chrome, you must delete the navigator browser history.
  2. After opening the Chrome browser, you will find a Menu button that is represented by three boxes vertically. Touch that button.
  3. There you have to touch the Settings. It will take you to the Google Chrome settings screen.
  4. Touch Privacy that you will find in the Advanced section of the Configuration.
  5. On that screen, there is an option “Clear navigation data”. Touch that option
  6. Now check the check box next to “Clear browsing history”. It will erase all the browsing history of the phone for Google Chrome. Touch the Delete button to continue.

Stay private

To stay private, use private browsing or incognito mode. Most browsers run a private window next to the “internet” browser. This is called Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox and incognito in Google Chrome. If you browse a site in the private window, the browser will not register it.

  1. Touch the Menu button in your Firefox browser to open the private browsing. Now touch “New private tab”. A new private tab will open with the logo of the mask that says that you are in private browsing mode.
  2. To start incognito mode in Google Chrome, you must press the Menu button and then touch the “New incognito mode”.

Install an application locker

You can also install an application closet program if your family and friends often use your phone. It will give you the option to restrict access to the applications that you allow others. Some of these types of applications are Locker Master, Smart App Lock, AppLock, etc.

You can also delete the history periodically to make sure that your personal information is not lost when the phone is lost.

Ways to wipe your entire android device

If you want to sell your old Android phone, then it is very important to know how to delete the browsing history on the Android mobile and erase the data. Protect your personal data so they do not fall into the hands of others. First, make a backup of your contacts, pictures and other important information in another location before you start cleaning your phone.

Encrypt your phone before deleting the data because, like the computer, in the Android device also the data is not permanently deleted, they are overwritten. Then, someone with knowledge in this area and with the help of some software can recover their data. To avoid this kind of thing, data encryption is important so that nobody can access the data even after recovering using some software. Follow the following steps for that:

  1. Charge your phone completely.
  2. Open the settings menu on your phone> touch the Security section> select Encrypt phone> enter a PIN that you will use to access the encrypted data. Wait a while since the process may take more than an hour.

After following the steps above, your Android browser is now Delete Browsing History On Android Device and cache files. You can rest easy while letting other people use the browser application on your device. They will not be able to hijack your Facebook account or find a suggested Google search.

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