How to Transfer Contacts from Simple Feature Phone To Android Phone

India is the second largest smartphone market to date, but traditional phones still enjoy half the market share. Every year, many consumers switch from feature phones to smartphones, and because of the different nature of the two platforms, the transfer of data between the two can be a big problem.

Transfer Contacts from Simple Feature Phone To Android Phone. Every time you buy a new phone, after considering important factors such as budget, features, elegant design, size and platform, you have another task at hand, is to copy the phone numbers of your current phone to the new one as well as other contact information.

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Especially because most PC Suits and desktop linking software for Nokia, Samsung and other phones do not work very well these days.

Transfer Contacts from Simple Feature Phone To Android Phone

If you’re looking for easy ways to move contacts from your simple Keypad phones like Nokia, Samsung or other feature phones to an Android smartphone, here’s what you can try:

Editor’s Note: The steps we have mentioned are for Nokia phones, but the process for all other phones with popular features is similar, and you can solve it.

Copy contacts to SIM

If the number of contacts in your list is less than 250, you can rely on this method.

Step 1: Just go to Contact on your phone and touch ‘Options’.

Step 2: Now, select the option ‘Move contacts’ (Copy contact option will duplicate the contacts to your SIM).

Step 3: In the next “Move from” menu, select the phone and then select SIM when the “Move to” menu appears.

Step 4: Now to select contacts, select ‘Options’ and select ‘Select all’

Step 5: And now select the “Done” option. (On some phones, you must press ‘Back’ first).

That’s. Once the transfer is complete, you can place the SIM card in your new Android phone and access all your contacts.

If you have more than 250 contacts, do not use this method. All Random 250 contacts will be copied to your SIM, and it will be tedious to establish an order in the future.

Share using Bluetooth
Another way to transfer contacts is through Bluetooth. If you bought your main phone in the last two years, there is a good chance that you have Bluetooth.

Step 1: Open the Contacts application, select ‘Options’ and touch ‘Share’

Step 2: Now, choose ‘Options on the next screen and select’ Select all ‘

Step 3: Activate Bluetooth on your Android phone. Your Feature phone will show you the list of nearby Bluetooth devices ready to pair.

Step 4: Select your Android phone and the transfer will start when the two phones are synchronized.

Step 5: All contacts will now be transferred to your Android phone in the form of individual VCF files or VCards.

Step 6: Open the contact applications of your phone and open the settings.

Step 7: Now find the Import / Export contact option and choose VCF files from the phone storage.

There are several phones (such as OnePlus 6) that allow you to import multiple VCF files at the same time. In others, you will have to manually touch VCards one by one. We tried to tap manually on My A1 and it took less than 10 minutes to save a list of more than 500 contacts.

Combine VCF Filles in one file for easy installation
If you are a little tech savvy, you can also combine all the VCF files into a VCF file and then install the individual file. To do so, save all the VCF files in a folder on your Windows PC.

Now open the command prompt, navigate to that particular folder (SmartprixBytes in the example below).

With the command copy * .vcf all.vcf, all VCF files will be merged into a file called “All VCF” and you can import all contacts directly from it.

If you are familiar with the command prompt, this should be the most convenient way in case the software of your Android phone does not support the import of multiple VCF files.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and you can make the transfer in just a few minutes. transfer contacts from feature phone to smartphone is an uncomfortable transition, but moving your contacts will help you feel more at home.

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