Top 5 Best Keyboard App For Android 2019

Best Keyboard App For Android 2018 Gone are the days when we had to rely on the physical keyboards of smartphones to write the content on our devices. Nowadays, with most Android phones with touch keyboards, there are several options. You can use the standard Android keyboard offered by the manufacturer or use one of the many third-party keyboard applications available in nature. When it comes to choosing a good third-party keyboard, there are several options. Also, not all keyboards will be useful for users. With this in mind, it makes sense to choose only the best third-party keyboards available in the Play Store. Keyboards appear every two days, so it is imperative that you choose the best one.

Keyboards can be one of the most important choices you make on your phone. They will form the speed and precision with which you use your phone to communicate, and since keyboards can see everything you write from passwords to social security numbers, it is important to have a keyboard that you trust and like. To that end, here are the four most trusted and liked keyboards to help us tweet, send text messages and write our articles in a crowded bar.

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To make your work easier, we will compile a list of keyboard applications that will be great for you. These are some of the most popular applications available in the market, so you’ve probably heard about them before. In any case, be sure to look more closely at all the keyboards and choose the one that works best for you.

Best Keyboard App For Android 2018

1 Swype

This keyboard has been around for quite some time and was the first to introduce the sliding script on a keyboard. This basically allows you to slide your finger on the keyboard to get the words you want. Improved prediction functions allow users to get the word they are looking for even if they lose a couple of alphabets. However, most of today’s keyboards come with this particular built-in feature, so the novelty is almost gone. But even then, the Swype keyboard has a place in our hearts as one of the first to present the function. However, the keyboard does not slip exclusively and you can choose to write normally as you would on any other keyboard of a third party.

Swype comes with the ability to synchronize and back up your personal dictionary, which can be very useful if you are switching devices. In addition, it also comes with a lot of themes that you can change to your liking. This gives you the ability to change the full appearance of your keyboard, although I personally prefer a solid black or white background on my on-screen keyboards. There is also a lot of emoji compatible with the keyboard, so you will never be deprived of the functions you will find on other keyboards. You’ll have to pay $ 0.99 to get Swype, which is a little expensive since it’s just a keyboard. It also comes with in-app purchases for themes and other content.


One of the most popular keyboards available at the moment, Gboard comes with a lot of features to ensure that each user stays hooked on it. The application comes from Google, which means that it has been perfected to run on the Android platform. Gboard comes with gestures typing and standard typing, which is a feature found on most keyboards today. It also supports a series of emoji with Google updating the lineup frequently. There are dictionaries for 26 languages, which allows you to choose the language you prefer.

The keyboard will learn from your usage preferences over time, giving you the best predictions and results as the days go by. It also comes with a dedicated emoji and GIF search option within the keyboard, allowing you to add more flavor to the conversation. The addition of features like these makes Gboard one of the most preferred keyboard applications in the Google Play Store at this time. You can choose the simple theme in black and white with Gboard, although other small modifications can be made. The application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and has a 4-star rating consisting of more than one million users.


Swiftkey is always there with Gboard, but for a while he has not been able to overcome it and regain his throne. SwiftKey has been an important player on Android keyboards for years; It used to be the pinnacle of predictions and slippage, but both have fallen a bit behind Gboard. There are still followers loyal to SwiftKey, and after years of building a personal dictionary on SwiftKey, it can be difficult to change to anything else.

Do not worry, SwiftKey may not be number one, but it’s still a damned good keyboard and excellent for productivity. And although SwiftKey used to be a paid keyboard, it has been completely free for years.

Thumb Keyboard

This keyboard jumped to fame a few years ago, when phones began to expand at an accelerated pace. Although landscape typing in a telephone has always been a problem, especially considering the wider area, the Keyboard for the Thumb solves that problem to some extent. By splitting the keyboard in two and pushing them to the left and right corner, respectively, the keyboard allows quick thumb writing. It’s one of those things that seems ridiculous at first, but ends up being incredibly intuitive and time-saving. However, users will find it a little uncomfortable to use this keyboard all the time, therefore, it is better to save it for a rainy day or when bored with conventional portrait mode. This keyboard is even more useful in tablets as they have a larger screen area. You can even change the size and font of the keys according to your taste. You will have to pay $ 2.49 for the application.

5 GO Keyboard

This particular keyboard application specializes mainly in themes, as it comes with thousands of themes created by the user. Not everything will be to your liking, but it is always good to have the option of choosing from a large collection of topics. The keyboard works as you want and comes with a pretty decent predictive text function. You can get access to a bunch of free stickers and themes, which will help enrich your conversations. Naturally, you can even add GIF and other content directly from the keyboard. In general, GO Keyboard is immensely popular among Android users and has already been downloaded almost 500 million times. The application can be downloaded for free, but comes with purchases and ads in the application.

I hope you like these Top 5 Best Keyboard App For Android 2018. If I missed any of the best Android keyboards, tell me about them in comment box.

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