Top 5 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android in 2019

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android: Sharing the screen basically means sharing the screen of your smartphone with another person’s device (either a mobile phone or a computer). Then, they can remotely see what you are doing on your phone (or vice versa). And in some cases, even control the device remotely.

The reflection of the screen is not the most popular thing that people do with their devices. However, there are many cases of niche use for such technology. Some people like it for transmission. Others use it for technical support. Whatever the reason, we hope we can help you achieve it. Here are the best screen mirror apps for Android and other ways too!

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android

Both eyes of this generation are concentrated on the smallest screens of smart phones, from 4 to 6 inches. But some of you have even thought from time to time to reflect the screen of your smartphone on the largest screens of your desktop computers. And if you’re tired of looking for the best applications to transmit your small screens on larger screens for incredible experiences and to solve problems, here are the best evaluated and easiest to use applications for the reflection of the screen. You can access them from anywhere in this world through the network.

1. Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

First on this list is an amazing application from a brilliant developer Koushik Dutta (the man behind ClockworkMod). Inkwire allows you to share your screen or view a shared screen. The best thing about this application is its minimalist user interface design. After opening the application, you can simply choose whether you want to share the screen or access someone else’s screen. And then match the access code between the two devices. That’s.

In addition to this, the remote user will be able to draw on the screen. This is really useful when someone is helping you with some problems. You can also have a voice chat with that user.

2. ScreenMeet Mobile Screen Share

ScreenMeet is a simple screen reflex creation application, without controls. We can only see the reflection of the smart phone screen in the browser from the URL of the corresponding user name. And we must control it from the smartphone itself. Unlike MirrorGo, ScreenMeet is just a duplication application created over the network (Wi-Fi and Internet) and no control privileges are granted. Users can see the device’s screen reflecting in the browser in real time.

3. ScreenMeet. Easy Phone Meeting

Like Inkwire, this application helps you double the screen between two Android devices. It also allows you to share your screen with your personal computer. In addition to screen sharing, you can share presentation slides, Walkthrough websites, mobile demo applications and much more. The application is very convenient for business meetings and project presentations. A negative point, however, is that it is delayed a bit even in the high-speed Internet connection. The slow speed during presentations can be quite a horrible experience. This application is free and available in the Play Store.

4. MirrorGo

MirrorGo is one of the best rated Screen Mirroring applications in the Google Play Store, from WonderShare Softwares; developers of the video editor FilmoraGo. App Mirror access works based on MirrorGo applications installed on both smartphones and PCs, and can only be accessed from local networks. The application has just been born to v1.0, but it has some better features. You can connect the smartphone to the PC either via Wi-Fi or directly through the USB data cable. After synchronizing the smartphone, you can see the complete interface of the device on the computer and can be controlled with the mouse from the PC.

5. Screen Stream Mirroring Free

As stated by its creators, this application is one of the most powerful screen sharing applications for Android smartphones and tabs. The application does not require that your device be rooted, which is a great advantage for this application. The application is freely available in the Play Store. But the free version limits your time of use and you have to look at ads to extend it. However, you can eliminate this barrier by purchasing the full version.

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