Top 5 Best TV Remote Apps for Android Smartphone 2019

Hello friends, today I am going to share some of the main and Best TV Remote Apps for Android in 2018. Do you want to use your Android smartphone for a task that most people do not? Do you want to do some amazing things with your Android phone or tablet? Well, controlling your TV, DVD, decoder or CA with your smartphone will be a great experience, right?

Recent years have witnessed an extraordinary growth of technology. Our homes have been transformed into a more sophisticated way. The introduction of the universal remote control helped in an impressive way to close the gap between humans and machines. Playing with the old remote control is not fashionable either. The sensors of the Universal remote control could easily control the operation of the television, game console, sound system, lights and many other devices. Without a doubt, this intelligent innovation transformed our lifestyle. But the idea of turning our smartphones into Universal Remotes seems even cooler. The basic idea is to control everything with a single click.

The first programmable universal remote control was launched in 1987. Since then, it has seen a remarkable pace of development. Here is the list of the 6 best universal remote applications that you can use to control almost all the gadgets in your home.

Yes, now you can control your TV and many more electronic devices with your Android phone / tablet that comes with a built-in Blaster. You can use a remote application to perform these tasks easily. You can also use a device other than the IR Blaster if your smart TV comes with a built-in Wi-Fi function. I hope this list helps you find an amazing TV remote control application for your device. So, let’s review this list of some of the best TV remote apps for Android and download the perfect application on your device to turn it into a TV controller.

Best TV Remote Apps for Android

1. SURE Universal Smart TV remote control:

SURE is a Universal Remote application that supports any wireless protocol. This application works efficiently for Android and connects easily to Wi-Fi and IR. Once the connection is stable, one can control the television, the configuration box, the air conditioning, the DVD, the projector, the media transmitter, the AV receiver, the console and even copy files.

A device can be added by selecting “ADD DEVICE” in the upper right corner of the screen. Selecting it will provide the option of Smart Remote or Traditional Remote, then a list of devices. Once it is chosen, the list of brand names appears on the phone’s screen. When selecting the brand of your product, you must test the remote control and save the appropriate one. Amazon Alexa receives voice commands and works accordingly. This application is available for free in the Google Play Store and in the 9apps store.

2. Easy Universal TV Remote

The Easy Universal TV Remote is the first TV Remote application on Google Play compatible with all major televisions. This is a remote TV application ideal for Android devices that comes with built-in IR Blaster. But you can also use this application for devices other than IR Blaster to control only Smart TV that comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This is a remote application easy to use and easy to configure and connect to any TV. Go to the configuration option, select IR Blaster or Wi-Fi connection status and connect to your TV.

3. AnyMote UR + Wi-Fi Smart Home Control:

The AnyMote application allows the user to effortlessly control their smart home. IR and Wi-Fi devices such as TV, game console, media player, lights, cameras, etc. You can connect to this universal remote application. Amazon eco receives the voice command and does the work. The motto of ANYMOTE “Any device, a remote control” explains everything and is very justified.

Once you install the application and open it, a list of options appears from which you can choose your device, then mark and finally verify the remote control. Once you choose the remote control, you can control the device using your smartphone. This application is available for all Android devices.

4. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Do not you like to use a remote TV application for free? Looking for a premium? Well, the Smart IR Remote is here with many features. You can use it on an Android device enabled with IR Blaster, Smart TV enabled Wi-Fi or Infrared enabled device. The application works well with major Samsung, HTC, LG and other popular smartphones and tablets.

5. Yatse:

Kodi is an intelligent entertainment software that works for several operating systems. And Yatse is basically a Kodi remote control application. The application helps to transmit media from the local device, AirPlay and other devices. Like other applications, it is also enabled with the voice command function. The user can even access the online library and send YouTube media, among other advantages. One can buy the premium version to enjoy more benefits.

Best TV Remote Apps for Android. You can use any of them according to your choice. Tell us your experience in comments after using one.

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